We normally pack the fish in wooden boxes and cardboard cartons that vary from 9-50kgs as illustrated on the picture.
However, we can also offer portion packages in different sizes.




The main quantity is packed in our own branded cartons; 25kg low/high and 9kg.

We also have blue neutral cartons available as demonstrated on the picture; 25kg low/high, 9kg low/high and 9, 1 kg (20lbs).


We are offering vacuumed packed portion packages that include already cut salted and dried fish. They can be produced from cod, saithe, ling and tusk, and are available in a range of sizes. Each packet is labeled specifying the customer’s requirements including a barcode before being packed in a master-carton as illustrated. These portion packages are very popular on different Caribbean Islands.

The table for number of fish (tails) in each carton is the same for most of the markets, types of fish and grades of dryness.

For 1/1 unit (50 Kgs.n.) For ½ unit (25 Kgs.n.) Portuguese sort.
8-10 4-7 Especial
11-15 7-9 Graudo
16-20 10-12 Cresido
21-25 13-15 Corrente
26-30 16-20 Miudo
31-40 21-30 Miudinho
41-60 31-40  
61-80 41-50  
81-100 51-60 or 51-70  
101-140 61-70  
141-180 71-90