Welcome to AS Møre Codfish Comp.

Møre Codfish is a leading producer and exporter of salted and dried fish from Norway. Our main office is situated in Aalesund know as the capital of codfish. The company was established in 1956 and is today owned by the mother company Gustav Stokke AS, which was one of the producers that established Møre Codfish Comp. Gustav Stokke AS is a family company, which is owned by Nils Helge Aarseth, his son Kjetil Tennfjord Aarseth and daughter Susanne Tennfjord Aarseth.

Møre Codfish mainly export products from our own production, as we highlight the importance of controlling the whole production process with the focus on quality. We have in addition through many years established close co-operations with other production plants. The yearly production and sale is normally around 12.000tons amounting to about 15% of the annual export of salted and dried fish from Norway. In addition, we have sales of wetsalted fish, fillets and different bi-products.

We have a clear strategy to continue the expansion of production and export of salted and dried fish through close relationships with suppliers and customers to meet the challenges in an exciting market. We have many experienced co-workers, who are creating and dynamic and effective organisation.