Production facilities

Møre Codfish Comp. has three production plants located at the North-western coast of Norway. Our very competent co-workers and modern production equipment ensures that the high quality raw-material is handled with care throughout the production process.

All our production plants are regularly maintained and improved to ensure the best possible hygienic conditions that are controlled and approved by the Norwegian authorities (HACCP- Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point).

Gustav Stokke AS 
Producer: M-367
General Manager: Kjetil T Aarseth
Addresse: Gustav Stokke AS
Gustav Stokkes veg 21
6057 Ellingsøy
Telephone: (+47) 70 11 85 50

Møre Codfish Bud
Producer:  M-198
General Manager:  Frank Drågen
Addresse: Møre Codfish Comp. Bud
Kaivegen 12
6430 Bud
Telephone: (+47) 71 26 67 60


Veidholmen Fisk AS
Producer: M-75
General Manager: Oddbjørn Leonardsen
Addresse: Veidholmen Fisk AS
Skjærgårdsveien 789
6570 Smøla
Telephone: (+47) 99 69 82 53