Our story

Our company is a family-owned enterprise. It was founded by Gustav Stokke in 1926. He was in the 1950’s joined by his grandson, Gunnar Aarseth. Gunnar was active in the business for almost 40 years. In 1991 Nils Helge Aarseth took over the company and continued to develop the business. The enterprise is today owned and managed by Nils Helge, his son Kjetil and daughter Susanne.

The core business has since the beginning been salted and dried fish (Bacalhau). We are today a leading producer and exporter located in Aalesund, at the west coast of Norway. We are offering our products worldwide.

We have a clear strategy to continue to expand our production and export of clipfish through close relationships with suppliers and customers to meet the challenges in an exciting market. We are joined by many experienced co-workers, who are creating a dynamic and effective organization.


We always aim to deliver a consistent high-quality product that our customers want to receive. We follow each step of the supply chain closely. From the purchase of raw material, production process and shipment.

We want to offer a natural product. The fish is sourced from the clean and cold waters in the North. The product is 100% natural without any additives. Simply fish and salt – the authentic Norwegian Codfish.


Social responsibility


We always aim to act in the best interest of the environment and the society around us. We want our impact on the external environment to be as little as possible. We make continuous investments to reduce our energy use and footprints.


We want to create good and stable workplaces for our employees in our local communities. We believe a stable and experienced work force helps us to ensure consistency in our production and quality.


All our fish is sourced from highly regulated, well managed and sustainable resources. We have traceability throughout the value chain and we are MSC certified, which shows a good practice for sustainable fishery.

The Transparancy Act

Statement regarding enterprises’ transparency and efforts towards fundamental human rights and decent working conditions (in Norwegian only).