Møre Codfish


We want to produce a consistent high-quality product. We want to be a preferred supplier in our markets. We have many years of experience that use us as a basis for our production. We have also continued to invest in modern equipment to secure a good and efficient production. All our productions plants are HACCP approved.

In our production we use very much frozen at sea raw material. It means that the fish is caught and frozen within few hours. It preserves well the quality, nutrient content, texture and taste – giving us the best base for a high quality end product.
We are proud of our production and products.

Gustav Stokke AS (M-367)

Main production facility and administration.

This is where our production started back in 1926. We have continued to develop the facility, which today is a modern and efficient production site.

Gustav Stokke AS
Gustav Stokkes veg 21,
6057 Ellingsøy, Norway
Tel: +47 701 18 550
Mail: mcod(a)codfish.no
GPS: 62.501776, 6.400450

AS Møre Codfish Comp. avd. Bud (M-198)

The production plant is located Bud. It is community with a long fishery history going back to the 15th century. We have been running our production at Bud since 1984.

AS Møre Codfish Comp. avd Bud
Kaivegen 12,
6430 Bud, Norway
Tel: +47 712 66 760
Mail: mcod(a)codfish.no
GPS: 62.905392, 6.914307

Veidholmen Fisk AS (M-75)

The facility is located in a small fishing village on the northern part of Smøla. The community consists of many small islands and has a long tradition for fishery. There is still a local fleet of fishing vessels delivering fresh fish nearly every day. The facility has been a part of our group since 1989.

Veidholmen Fisk AS
Skjærgårdsveien 789,
6570 Smøla, Norway
Tel: +47 715 44 250
Mail: mcod(a)codfish.no.no
GPS: 63.463263, 8.015338